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        Sugarcane Wax

        Sugarcane Wax

        CAS No.: 8001-39-6


        Description & Appearance

        Sugarcane wax is the by-product obtainable from sugarcane in the sugar refining industry. It exists on the surface of the sugarcane stem. It looks like a white folium. Sugarcane wax is refined though several working procedures.


        ①Used in black shoeline, waterproof material, shoelace in shoe leather industry and final ornament item.
        ②Used for making carbon paper. Refined sugarcane wax can be used as coating for fruit, chocolate. It is also be used for stencil paper making.

        ③Sugarcane wax has excellent electric insulation, easy to obtain. After proper reform, it not only bears comparison with carnauba wax, but also shows a high retentiveness.
        ④Sugarcane wax can be used as substitute for all kinds of vegetable waxes.





        Dark Brown or Black

        Melting Point

        76-82 ℃

        Saponification Value


        Iodine value


        Fatty Acid(mgKOH/g)










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